Experienced Performer/Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist introducing 12 and 6 string guitars, harmonicas and mandolin. Fritz Henry offers an Exciting and Fun Assembly Program for grades K through 5 using a unique presentation of original and age appropriate songs that engage students in a highly interactive and memorable manner.


The objectives of his presentation 'PROMOTING VALUES EDUCATION AND A POSITIVE LIFE VIEW' are as follows:
  1. Project through song and narrative the positive concepts of respecting oneself and others. The importance of community and the need for Compassion, Tolerance, Consideration, Helping Others as well as respecting and caring for our environment.
  2. Introduce the concept that most everyone needs to work for a living. He points out that they should consider taking the time to discover what special talents and abilities each one has and pursue a career that will develop those talents and abilities. He discusses the fact that by choosing this course the over all quality of their lives and the lives of the people around them will be greatly enhanced because of their positive perspective on everyday life!! He then offers himself as an example of a successful professional who loves his craft and that they too can TURN A CHILDHOOD DREAM INTO A LIFELONG AND REWARDING CAREER.
  3. Work to improve their social skills by teaching them how to be a good audience. Fritz encourages them to be active participants through familiar and classic age appropriate songs that some students may have missed out on as well as original songs from his two CDs. He then invites students to come up on the stage to Sing-along or play tambourine and harmonicas. This redirects the show's focus on the students and away from himself creating a more exciting and fun assembly that only a live performance can generate !!!
  4. Educate the students with a brief history of each instrument as he introduces them during the presentation.


The songs listed below could/would be included in the program helping promote the values education and positive life view concepts that Fritz wishes to project.

Family Values, Community and Historic:

Song: Artist:
Into The Light Original (Relaxing positive song about the future.)
Sunny Sunday Original (Fun sing-along about a mother and son)
Don't Go Crazy Original (Up tempo dealing with the pressures of life)
The Workin' Man Original (Up tempo about honesty and strong family relationships)
Walking Tall (With Daddy) Original (Story about Oley King who lived a full and credible life)
The Steel Rail Line Original (High energy interactive folk about strong family values)
The City Of New Orleans Arlo Guthrie (Historic participation song to engage the students)
If I Had A Hammer Peter Paul and Mary (Classic song of family and community ties)

Fun songs to interact with the students and hold their attention:
  • The Unicorn Song, Traditional (Song saying it's not wise to be foolish involving the students with animal gestures)
  • Dayyyy Ohhhhh, Traditional (Irresistible call response song that involves the whole assembly)
  • Froggie Went A Courtin', Traditional (Fun folk song getting a male student to come on stage and help out by saying the phrase 'knee-deep')
  • Puff The Magic Dragon, Peter Paul & Mary, Traditional folk (song about friendship and life lessons)

These and other songs have proven time and again to reach the students supplying the platform on which the objectives of the assembly program are successfully accomplished.

Who Has He Worked For?

Richfield Springs Central School Richfield Springs, NY
Cherry Valley Springfield School Cherry Valley, NY
Mount Markham Central School West Winfield, NY
City Of Elmira School District Elmira, NY
Canaseraga Central School Canaseraga, NY
Mohawk Central School Mohawk, NY
Meadow Park Elementary West Palm Beach, FL
Limestone Creek Elementary Jupiter, FL
Allamanda Elementary School Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Lighthouse Elementary School Jupiter, FL
St Johns Mead CE VC Primary Chipping Sodbury, England
OPENING ACT (four shows): Nickelodeon's Big Help Show SunFest - West Palm Beach, FL

What Do They Say?

"Mr. Fritz Henry entertained our K-4 population on the third day of our new school year. We wanted to get off the ground with a positive and uplifting program and Mr. Henry certainly provided that. He involved the students, had age appropriate material and was thoroughly entertaining. I would recommend him for any student group."

Charles F. Culbert, Elementary Principal
Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School
Cherry Valley, NY

"I want to thank you for a great show in April ... you were a resounding success with the children in our After School Care Program. You managed to capture the interest of a large, combined audience of kindergarteners through fifth graders, no easy feat! (Your patience is astounding!) They enjoyed singing along and listening to all the different instruments you played. I especially appreciate the emphasis you put on working hard, following a dream and developing a talent. Your original compositions were fun to hear. We hope you'll be able to return in the fall "

Jacqueline J. Wilson, Director/School-Age Child Care
Limestone Creek Elementary School
Jupiter, FL

"It was our pleasure to have Fritz Henry perform for our Beta(grades 2-3) students during Music In Our Schools Month. Mr. Henry established a good rapport and involved our students in active participation during his forty minute folk music performance/demonstration. Mr. Henry is a knowledgeable and talented musician and I would recommend him to elementary school performances..."

Fred W. Selph, Music Specialist
Allamanda Elementary School
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Contact Fritz:   fritz@fritzhenry.com

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Photos ©Frank Forte