Song Title Description

The Steel Rail Line Train song with a twist
My Angel My Love Love song
Move Me Softly Love song (for parents' 25th anniversary)
California Letter Travel song with 60s travel theme
It's Hard To Find Looking for love
Page Two Advice on dealing with the stress of the world
The Long Hard Road Of Life Dealing with suicide on a personal level
Flying Positive perspective on making the world better
Together Again Rebuilding a troubled relationship
Sweet Summertime Love song about nature and a special someone
Ain't Got No Money Blues Down on luck but still in love
Lovin' Passion Love song
Our Times The dark side of today and offering a solution
Chet Atkins Boogie Funk Fun instrumental
For You And Me Love song
Somewhere In The Darkness Looking for love song
Unlit Candles Love song
Our Love By The Sea Love song
The Rain Song Love song
The Sad Eyed Lady Story song
For The Lady Piano Instrumental - Tribute to Fritz's grandmother
On The Street Where You Lived Tribute song to lost brother
Thank You Thanks to God for my life
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