Save our Waters, Let's Begin   
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Three years ago I wrote the first version of Save Our Waters Let's Begin, which has steadily evolved into a significant and relevant message for today.s world. Inspiration for this song is deeply rooted in the songs of my youth, many of which spoke to the issues and dreams of a generation. The time for this style has come again! I intentionally wrote it in the folk/march style . a simple and catchy melody, with a clear message that informs and entertains.
Save Our Waters Let's Begin was recently recorded at Sacred Heart Studios in Jupiter FL and released in May 2014. Performing with me are my great and longtime friend Becky Williamson., back-up vocal harmonies; Gary Davenport,. a new friend via Monday Nite JAM., on Banjo and back-up vocal harmonies; and Scott Aitken, owner/talented engineer of Sacred Heart Studios, on bass guitar. My contributions .Producer, lead vocal, 6 string/12 string guitars and harmonica.
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This song is very personal to me and I thought I'd share a few thoughts with you.
Growing up on a farm in the rolling countryside in Central New York, I have had the beautiful Otsego Lake in Cooperstown to enjoy for my entire life . sailing, swimming, fishing and reflecting on the natural beauty surrounding me.
My curiosity and love for water and nature started with the small stream that ran next to the house I lived in for the first 7 years of my life. I remember wading in it, seeing little crayfish, minnows, frogs, turtles and various other creatures along its banks.
On my first day of school, walking over the bridge, up the driveway to the bus, my two brothers and sister and I had to go around the biggest Snapping Turtle I'd ever seen. Even the kids on the bus looked on in awe yelling out the windows "Wow and Look Out!". In winter, we had great times ice skating on it and even now I still hear its powerful song of high water during the Spring Melt run.
I could go on and on but the point is All Waters need our protection now more than ever! Our quality of life depends on it!! And more importantly, it needs to be clean and safe for use by our children and their children's children and all the other creatures we share this beautiful creation called Earth with. We all have our memories about water be it streams, ponds, rivers, lakes or seas. I hope this song will add to the growing chorus of individuals and organizations working towards a common goal to Save Our Waters . Let.s Begin!
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